Thursday, September 27, 2012

Overpopulation in the Philippines

In each country, there are tons of social issues. Over in the Philippines, social issues keep on coming. Recently, there has been an issue on plagiarism, RH Bill, disrespect on police officers and a lot more. But the issue that stood out is overpopulation in the country. For Philippines is not only overpopulated mainly by Filipinos but also of different nationalities. Maybe the cause of overpopulation is because of the Koreans, Chinese, Americans and the Middle East. But yet again, it is not assured because they might be staying in the Philippines for only about a month or a year. 
There are a lot of reasons as to why the Philippines is overpopulated. One reason, or I was able to think of, is Pre-Marital Sex. We learn from the Bible that sex before marriage is a sin and yet a lot of people do it. Some happens accidentally but some do it on purpose. Another cause of overpopulation is unprotected sex. Maybe one of the reasons as to why people do it is mainly just because of pleasure. Come to think of it, I ask myself 'why do they do it when they know that it could actually lead to something bad?' This is a cause of overpopulation because the child born was just mainly an accident. These couples did not want to have a child in the first place and that one child is a big contribution to the country's population. Another main cause that hit me the most is those families on the poverty level still manage to get a child when they already have fiver or even more to take care of. They keep on making children when they know themselves that they are only limited to a number.
This issue does not only happen in the Philippines but also in other countries. Overpopulation is not good because this pulls down the economy of the country in a way that imagine spending for a big family when you can actually gain a lot for yourself. Not to sound selfish but if a person wants a family, do it out of love and not mainly for pleasure because it affects the whole country. 

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